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8 Tips: Save Money (Almost) Without Working for It

Money is nice and necessary, but it’s also damn hard to save up without touching a finger. With these tips, however, it is close to being possible – without hard work
“Save money without thinking about it” – is it possible?

It could be really delicious if the savings just filled themselves up without you having to do the slightest thing. Unfortunately, this is how the world is rarely connected, but there are actually some ways you can fill your savings almost without working for it.

# 1: Get the Bank Rounding Up

Money back in taxes? You need to use them for savings
Your savings account must have something to chew on. (Photo: All Over)
Some banks have a smart savings feature for your debit card that you can easily sign up to see the money roll in without having to do anything about it yourself. Abroad, it is called a “keep the change” program, and it is in all its simplicity that your purchases are rounded up, and the small amount that is “too much” is deposited directly into your savings account.

If you buy for £ 25 , for example, you are rounded up to the nearest 10s, and then five kroner goes into a savings. Before you look around, you have saved £ 1,500  just by using your payment card.

# 2: Get an App to Save You Money

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There is (at least) one app for everything. (Photo: All Over)
Download an app that does the work for you – it’s smart! There are a sea of ​​apps that help you save money, and many of them only require you to set the settings at the beginning.

For example, it could be Level, where you set a budget and it during the day tells you how much money you have left to spend, or Unsplurge, where you enter what you save up to, and it comes with savings tips and challenges that help you get started so you do not have to think so much about it yourself.

# 3: Rent a Room – or Swap, and Save Money

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If you are one of the lucky ones with an apartment in England, you can easily save up some money. (Photo: All Over)
If you have more than one room and you really want to save up, rent it out. In most cases, you do not even have to clean it: Many people want a furnished room, and there are lots of students in particular who need a place to live.

You may decide that you want to live in a slightly smaller space for half a year so that you can save up the money that your tenant pays in rent. It may be worth it!

Are you a little turned on by this idea, but not sure you want a roomie – or do not have an extra room – then try to exchange your home when you go on holiday. That way you save the cost of a hotel room or an airbnb.

# 4: Become a Test Person

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Do you see Robinson or The Great Baking Contest? You can save money by letting people know. (Photo: All Over)
Save money on watching TV!

There are lots of companies that will pay to get your opinion, and some of them post surveys several times a week where you have to cross a form off and submit.

You can also get yourself a TV meter, which is a box that needs to be turned on while watching television. It submits what you see and with whom, and sometimes you have to answer a few questions about the programs. Think in the above lanes, then you have quickly earned points that you can often spend on gift cards and thus save money on, for example, the gift budget. Into the savings with the money instead!

# 5: Spend the Money You Do Not Spend

People run on treadmills in a gym where they work out, are you not going to the gym? Then save up the subscription money!
It sounds tricky, but it makes good sense. You probably already transfer a certain amount to your savings each month, but if you do not, read right here. There are definitely a lot of things you spend or have even spent money on that you do not get anything out of.

It can be streaming subscriptions, fitness memberships and everything else you should have unsubscribed from long ago. Even if you have unsubscribed from them, still use the money – as part of your monthly transfer to the savings account.

# 6: Use the Wish List / Save for Later Function

Online shopping, computer, laptop, save money, cafe, woman, working, homework, accounting, If you’re like the members of the MY DAILY SPACE editorial team, you love online shopping. Clothes in particular are one of the big items in the budget, and there is a lot of money to be saved if you look around for discount codes before hitting “buy”.

You can also use the function where you save an item on a wish list on the site or in the webshop’s app. If you do so instead of immediately buying the dress you have fallen in love with, there is a lot of money to be saved when it is reduced over time. There is a sale around the corner, no matter what time of year it is, so if you dare to have ice cream in your stomach, it’s easy money to save just by being patient.

# 7: Save Money on Your Hobby: Become a Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper, you will be hired to report back on your experience when you are out shopping – and you are anyway from time to time. It can be both clothes or interior, you have to talk to an employee about, try and buy, after which you get paid to report on the process.

# 8: Prismatch

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There is often money to be saved if you look around the shopping landscape.  Save money by simply checking other retailers’ offers before buying an item. Make it a habit to use price match services such as Pricerunner so you avoid paying too much. There can be really a lot of money to save, and it only takes you a few clicks to find out that you can, for example, save so much money.