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Users who contribute personal information to the website (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) can expect the site to remember their preferences in marketing and content and to assist them find information. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in line with this notice. If you don’t want us to use this file type, change your browser’s options.

A user’s privacy policy issued by the site’s management is governed by this agreement.


This agreement applies to the use of the website by users’ information. This guide also covers cookies, their usage by the website and other parties, and how to disable them.


When you visit a website, a “cookie” and a short text file called a “page” are downloaded to your computer. Numerous websites utilize these sites because cookies provide many valuable functions. These files allow website owners to see if a given machine (and likely its user) has visited the site before. This is done by searching the user’s computer for a cookie from a previous visit.

Cookies help us provide our services in the most convenient way for you and can also help us learn more about our readers. For example, if you visit a section, we can use the “cookie” to highlight the articles in that section on subsequent visits.


A cookie is a little piece of data given to your browser by a website’s computer and saved on your computer’s hard disk. You may receive cookies from other websites if your browser settings allow it. To protect your privacy, your browser only allows websites to access your own cookies and not those of other websites.

Cookies save your internet preferences. Users can set their computers to allow all cookies, warn when a website tries to write one to the user’s hard drive, or reject all cookies. In the latter case, several site services may not perform effectively, making it inconvenient for the user. Your browser’s “Help” feature can help you modify how you work with cookies.

Websites and service providers may employ the following cookie types:

ESSENTIAL cookies These cookies are required for the website to work correctly and allow users to navigate and use its features. These files do not identify Users. If the user refuses to utilize this sort of file, it may harm the site’s performance.

Performance and Analysis In addition to providing information on the sites visitors visited and how long they spent on the site, these files also highlight problems encountered while utilizing an internet resource, such as error messages. This helps the site. Analytics cookies also let us measure the efficacy of our advertising efforts and optimize website content for our target audience. This cookie cannot identify you. All data collected and analyzed is anonymous.

Nose cookies. These cookies identify returning users. They let you customize the site’s content for each user. If a user disables this type of file, it may damage the website’s performance.

Ad cookies. These files contain information about user activity on the internet, including as website visits and page views, as well as links and advertisements clicked. One purpose is to reflect on the best user-friendly sites. Another goal is to tailor advertisements and other material to the user’s preferences.


Cookies are used for many things, including:

Make it easier for you and third parties to get information about site visitors.

Analyze site visitors’ data to improve the site.

The user’s interests are taken into account when displaying advertisements, notices, or material generated by us or third parties.

To help the user get the information they need.

Determine the number of visitors and how they use our site to increase its efficiency and better understand their audience’s interests.


Some cookies are valid until the end of your browser session. When you close the browser, these files are automatically removed. Session cookies are such cookies.

Some cookies are stored on the device during browser sessions and are not removed when the browser is closed. “Persistent” cookies The retention period for persistent cookies on a device varies. We and other organizations use ordinary cookies to track how often you visit our websites, how you use them over time, and how effective advertising is.

The website’s administrator may put cookies on your device. “Own” cookies Other operators may set cookies on your device. Third-party cookies are named such.

We and third parties may use cookies to track your website visits and content interactions. The operating system, browser version, and the URL from which you were brought to this page, including an email or ad, may be collected and utilized based on cookies. This technology allows you to count users who visited a section by clicking on a link from an external banner, a text link, or photos in the newsletter.


As part of our user-centered promotional activities, we work with third parties, including technology partners and service providers, to deliver advertising and personalized content that we think you’ll like. The use of this technology or the information received by it is not under our control and we are not liable for third-party acts or policies.

You may receive advertising based on the nature of your business, your activities when searching, your reactions to our ads or emails, pages you visit, your geographic location, or other information. These ads may appear on our site or on others. Partners in technology who help us create advertising campaigns that reflect your interests and may be self-regulatory. You may see third-party advertising on this page based on your behavior on our site and other sites.


We utilize tools to track how many people visit our site and how often. We do not employ software to harvest personal data or IP addresses. The data is only used in an aggregated form for statistics purposes and website development.

We don’t keep track of your online activities. Persistent cookies just contain an ID number. Name, email, IP, etc. not saved.

Except for Google Analytics cookies.

Awful use of Google Analytics cookies These cookies utilize the IP address to identify the user but not personally. That is, data is acquired anonymously. Cookies collect information about how visitors interact with the website and help us improve it.


Exchange Tools

The site has buttons that allow users to bookmark pages and share them on social media. When you click one of these buttons, the social media site may create a cookie. You should contact the third-party website for further information as the website does not oversee the usage of these cookies.

Inclusion of Third-Party Cookies

As you can see, when you visit various pages of our websites, non-website cookies are created. A page with embedded content, like YouTube or Vimeo, may establish its own cookies on your browser. Due to the nature of cookies, only the party who created them has access to them. Find out more about these cookies on third-party sites.

We Utilize Yandex for Site Analytics

Metrica, Google Analytics, lets us understand how visitors use our websites to improve usability and content relevancy. These services utilize web beacons to collect data. Web beacons are tiny electronic images that set cookies, count visitors, and analyze website usage. This information helps us understand our site visitors’ interests and provides personalised content. Web beacons are anonymous and do not collect personal information.

The data is anonymous and solely utilized statistically. Web analytics data and cookies never contain personal data such as your name or email address.


Our website works without cookies. You may disable cookies, limit their creation to certain websites, or set your browser to notify you when cookies are sent. You can also erase cookies from your PC at any moment (file: “cookies”). Viewing pages and utilizing websites can be inconvenient in this circumstance.

Most browsers allow you to control most cookies via the browser settings menu.

Most browsers accept cookies by default. The user can set the browser to prevent or warn when this sort of file is sent to the device. Managing cookies is simple. Please refer to your browser’s manual for additional details. Disabling cookies might impact internet use. If the user views the website on many devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. ), he must ensure that each browser is enabled to accept cookies.