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Savings Guide for People in Their 20s: Stop Wasting Money on That

You and your friends want to save money for your own apartment, a shared apartment, or perhaps a townhouse, but you don’t have any money to put aside. We understand why you waste your money on all kinds of pointless frivolous items. We have the right to say that because we do it ourselves on a regular basis.

It’s not that we can’t allow you to indulge in order to enjoy life, but if you truly want to save money so that you may spend it on something really tasty and to improve your overall quality of life, simply examine whether you are one of those who spend their money on…


If you are one of the few people that goes to a restaurant because you are truly hungry and you do not care about having your meal immortalized on social media, make your own food. You will never offer anything close to £150 for a homemade batch of scrambled eggs, two slices of rye bread, and half an avocado, no matter how good the food is.


For the sake of argument, you can think that £48 is a little sum of money for a cup of coffee (which it is!). Damn you, hipster coffee shops! ), but when you indulge yourself to costly, black drops on a weekly basis, the cost quickly adds up.

I work as a journalist, so I understand the significance of liquid gold. However, if we are absolutely honest, liquid gold is nothing more than water with a flavoring added.

Memberships in a Fitness Center

According to a survey conducted among individuals closest to me, only 50% of those who have a gym membership actually go to the gym on a regular basis, if they go at all. If you sign up, you will also receive an additional benefit in addition to saving money: you will be relieved of the burden of a poor conscience.

Candy That You Can Make Yourself

You’re probably protesting right now because you believe, in the words of the editor’s Nanna, that “mix-and-match sweets are a human right.” However, simply asking oneself the following questions may be beneficial: Was it worth it to spend £ 87  on red dogs and licorice pipes every Sunday / every time you felt sorry for yourself, needed a movie, or just “truly deserved it,” you could wonder.

Exactly. You could save up to £ 87 each week if you did this. Then throw in a £48 coffee, a £150 breakfast, and a £199 exercise membership that has gone unused! Yes, it is challenging, but if you are brave enough to read the entire article, you will find a minor calculation at the end of it.


When we live in a country where everything is within bicycle distance and the bus arrives every 10 minutes, how can it be simply silly money? Control your brand and your laziness, and you’ll be able to save the hundred pounds.

Agreements Between Hairdressers

In the event that you are experiencing financial difficulties, do not pay £ 900 to have your hair bleached and a cold toning done. Suddenly, being blonde is no longer fashionable – and staying liver pate and earning money is a lot more enjoyable than being a plus on the account.


It’s no secret that several of the entries on this list were inspired by members of the editorial staff, and I’m aware that our intern Line is very opposed to this particular entry. She must, however, recognize that getting a 16th pair of sneakers is not necessary if she also want to have enough sunlight to enjoy, say, lunch this month in the shade.